Gear Jammin' Gold is committed to the continuation of truckin' music and strongly encourages artists from around the world who have recorded truckin' music to get in touch via e-mail.  If you are a new or an independent artist in the genre, don't pass up this opportunity.

Special thanks to the following labels for providing promotional copies of their releases for airplay:

Aberdeen Originals (USA), Aspirion Records Group (USA), Artists Carousel Recordings (USA), Brand-T Records (Canada/USA), B.S.P. Records (USA), Daffy Dane Music (USA), Diesel Only Records (USA), Fifth Wheel Records (USA), Gusto King Records (USA), Greenland Global Entertainment (USA), HighTone Records (USA), Longhaul Music (USA), Music Mill Entertainment (USA), Nighthawk Mountain Music (USA), Ramblin' Road Records (USA), Rampart Music (USA), Reve Records (USA), Selection Records (Australia), Stony Plain Records (Canada), Sunshine Records (Canada), Tom & Jerry Records (N. Ireland), Traveler Records (USA), Wacky Productions Unlimited (USA), Warner Reprise Nashville (USA).