Your station for truckin' and travellin' favorites, Gear Jammin' Gold, would like to extend a hearty welcome.

Remember the truckin' songs you heard on the XM Convoy and Sirius Hammerdown Radio?  Well, you can listen to them once again along with many more from the past six decades.  Gear Jammin' Gold also plays many of the independent artists you heard on XM 10 America and XM 171 Open Road including Royal Wade Kimes, Leland Martin, Hap Palmer, Kenny Post, and Jack Kapanka.

It's been a pleasure over the years to receive your e-mails and correspondence. Thank you for your kind words.

A special thanks goes out to friends who lend a helping hand to Gear Jammin' Gold and deserve your support -- the Virtual Truck Route.  If you're lookin' for anything trucking, it is a good place to start. 

Since its inception in 2000, this station was on Live365, the original internet radio network. The new royalty rates established by the Copyright Royalty Board for 2016-2020 did not renew previous previsions for small webcasters. As a result, Live365 closed its doors. Consequently, Gear Jammin' Gold has placed a sampler on 8tracks for now.