Gear Jammin' Gold hit the airwaves in June of 2000 as the first all trucking station on internet radio with Dave Dudley's recording of Keep On Truckin'.  The station name was derived from a radio show and an album title.  In 1971, Dave Wilson of Great Falls introduced Grass Roots Gold -- a weekly program celebrating traditional country music, bluegrass music, and western music the way it used to be -- which aired on over 30 affilliates in Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.  In 1994, Country Shots: Gear Jammin' Greats, was released on CD by Rhino Records.

The host of Gear Jammin' Gold, affectionately known as The Roadmaster, has had a lifelong appreciation of truckers and trucking music.  As a youngster in the '60's, some of his fondest memories were being on the road in a 1960 Diamond T with his dad.  As a teenager in the '70's, the Roadmaster wore out the 8 track playing Truckin' On and started driving grain trucks.  As a country disc jockey and music director on AM radio in the '80's, he used to bend format by slipping in some truck drivin' music.  Now, The Roadmaster is on the road with Gear Jammin' Gold.

The Roadmaster also has a special interest in the history of all night trucking radio and would like to hear your recollections via e-mail about the hosts, the callers, and the events from days gone by.